Exchange and return

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ABOXOO gives you the opportunity to exchange and return goods of inadequate quality or inappropriate description. Refunds are made within 6-14 calendar days. To make a return within 15 days from the date of receipt, you must:

Write an e-mail to, indicating your contact information and order number.

Remove and send the video, which clearly shows the fault of the goods. In the free cover letter to describe the defect.

Wait for the answer and follow the instructions. We are always on the side of the buyer!
Products of good quality and corresponding to the description are not subject to exchange and return.

Refunds are made within 6-14 calendar days.

Please note that when you receive a letter with clarifying questions or a video request stating that the goods are faulty, you must provide an answer within 72 hours after receiving the message from ABOXOO, otherwise the claim will be rejected.

Terms of exchange and / or return of goods from China
For any questions relating to the warranty service of goods from China, the buyer can contact ABOXOO within 90 days of receipt of the order.

In the event that 61 days have passed since the order was paid, and your package has not been delivered to the post office, ABOXOO will refund you 100% of the money.

To do this, you need to write us an email at with a corresponding request, indicating your order number. Your request is subject to review within 15 days. We are always on the client side.

If you received a product of inadequate quality or inappropriate to the description, you can exchange it for a similar non-defective product that meets the stated requirements, or request a refund.

For this you need:
1. Remove a high-quality video that clearly shows the product’s malfunction and attach it to the cover letter describing the defect and other problems encountered.

2. The letter also needs to specify your data, order number and leave a request for a refund or exchange of goods for serviceable / corresponding to the description.

3. The letter must be sent to and wait for the operator to respond.

4. The goods are sent at the expense of the client to the address from which the parcel was sent. In the case of a positive response to your request, ABOXOO will compensate for the money spent on the transfer.

Your application for exchange, refund or compensation of funds will be considered within 15 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the seller.

Refunds are made in the same way (to the same account) that was used to pay for the purchase. Defective goods can only be replaced by identical goods of good quality.

Please note that when you return the product to the seller should not have mechanical damage and equipment must match the original.